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A time when we were friends by Virchan A time when we were friends by Virchan
Claves and Rondo
Here we are, supposed to be friends in the past now rivals, these two characters are so cuuute.
The perfect Rondo is my awesome friend Shanoa, please check her gallery here, you won't regret it!: [link]

Eternal Sonata Claves costume made my me in a month and a half for the Japan Weekend Madrid 2012 event.

We made a big Eternal Sonata group with my friends and entered in contest, won first group prize and my friend Zihark (Count Waltz) and I won the right to participate in the Yamato cosplay cup finals of this year in Barcelona.

This cosplay was a pain to make because nowadays I'm very busy and have no time at all to do cosplay so I found myself running against time once more. The most difficult thing of this costume were the boots and arm armor as it is the first time I make such accesories. There are some things that could have been done better, but I had no more time left, I tried my best to make it as accurate as possible, however, some parts are still missing. I'm very happy with how this costume turned out and surprisingly, except for the high heels of the boots it's very comfortable to wear. The only thing is that you have to wear this costume in a sunny and hot day, and don't do like me, I wore it in February, 2ºC temperature....freezing weather. >.<

We are very proud of all the hard work and effort we put into this and are very happy!! :D

This photo was taken by photographer Jesús Clarés: [link] Thanks for the picture!

This is our skit: [link]
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Que geniales ibais >.<
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