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May 13, 2013
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Soraka League of Legends by Virchan Soraka League of Legends by Virchan
Hi everyone!
Been so long since I uploaded a picture here, but finally here you have my Soraka cosplay, a character I love playing with, made to go with a huge awesome League of Legends group for Expomanga Madrid 2013. The skintone is not the right for her but I had a lot of problems while making this costume I'll try to resume.

Where shall I start?
You know I haven't got much time to work in my costumes, I am a teacher (primary state school) and I have to work almost every day in my house with school stuff, correct tests, prepare the lessons and all that's involved in the job. We've been very busy with tests April's last week, and I found myself overwelmed with so much work to do, that I could'nt work with the costume till the weekend.

Whenever I found time to work on it, nothing went right. Things broke, things and materials lost, things I didn't know how to do... so many things were going wrong...two hot glue guns broke at the same time the same afternoon! that's not possible! I thought...but it happened.
I tried to make a silicone mold for my clay broke!!! I wasted all the silicone in the mold and wasn't able to fix it T.T

I made the zentai with no side seams and didn't look right, because the material I bought wasn't lycra, but I wanted it because it was the colour...big I had to buy one on Ebay...waited for it to come to Spain for a whole month...and finally received it 5 days before the convention...and it wasn't the right colour!! It is so deep blue I thought it was the end of it, I wanted to cry and leave the project that night.
Next day I forced me to continue till the end! I was going to fight for it no matter what!

Other things were going right, my friend Ai found the perfect shoes for me to work with to make the perfect hooves, and the part I thought was the more difficult, was the easiest indeed, could'nt believe it when I finished them and they were absolutely perfect!
I managed to finish the belt properly and continued working slowly, but accomplishing parts of the costume.
In the meantime, I caught a cold, and was all the week very weak, didn't sleep well, could'nt breathe right and so on...
I continued working on it, the weapon was also giving me a lot of problems, I made it with an expanding foam core, and then I paper macheed everything with kitchen paper (NEVER DO THAT AGAIN IN MY LIFE) you must do it with newspaper!!! I learnt the lesson too late to fix it so I had to put a very hard coat of Aguaplast, some king of gesso for walls, and sand till my hands hurt. With all that, I realised the weapon was too big and fat ... too late to fix it too. So I did everything I could to make it look neat and lovely, and I changed the shape of it (i was going for the long weapon of Soraka new model..had to cut the lenght of the wood bar and redo the details there.

The week before the con I realised that with the zentai I had and the weapon, I had to go for the Classic Soraka skin, too late to remake the jacket, but in time to do the rest, so I made a new horn using cardboard, paper and paper mache and it was acceptable.

Three days before the con I wasn't finished...had to do the wig, paint the zentai, paint some gemstones, fix some details, make the stars she has on her many little time..don't forget about my job T.T
And then the phone was my mom telling me my grandma was going to I had to leave school and go to see her, stayed with her and waited..this same thing happened every day until she finally died this Saturday. I thought the best thing for me was to give up..and finish Soraka after the con.. because it was impossible for me to make it in time, but I was in a cosplay group with another 15 people and I just couldn't ruin the skit!!! I stayed up Friday night until 4:30 7:00 my mom called with the bad I slept only two hours.

This happened the same day my grandma died, Saturday, one day before the con, and I had my cousins' my grandma died at 7 o'clock in the morning, I went to the hospital..then went to the church at 12:00 to see my cousins, then went to the celebration lunch...then went to the morgue...and finally went back home at 8 o'clock.
I was going to explode, didn't even know if I could go to the cosplay contest because the mass in my grandma's memory was on Sunday. I cried a lot, because I was exhausted, I worked very hard to finish the costume, and I wasn't going to be able to go to the contest, ruining my friends skit...until the miracle happened. The mass was at 13.00 pm, and the contest was at 11:00, I could make it if I was fast!!!

BUT::: the costume wasn't finished...I had only one night, having slept only 2 hours, to make the wig and paint the zentai, finish painting the hooves and fix some details..I was gonna die!!!
I called my friend Ivy, who was going as Zyra, to ask her what to do, to try to make it or not...she wasn't finished too, her costume had a lot to do too. So she went to my house and we called my friend Dani (zihark) to help us a bit (he stayed two hours then went back home to sleep).
We stayed up until 5:30 am and I was able to finish my Soraka!! couldn't believe it!!! I was exhausted, but I made it, I was so happy! Unfortunately, Zyra wasn't finished, still a lot to do and she finally gave up, she is going to finish the costume without the tension and stress of the con and I know she is going to finish it and will look amazing!

I slept only two hours, then headed to the con with my boyfriend, he helped me dress up and ran to the contest room. We did the skit and felt an enormous relief!! Can't describe it. Although the sentence I had to say in the skit didn't work, we couldn't hear it don't know why, I was very pleased with it. Very pleased with all my friends because they were amazing and they all did a great job!!

I left the con just after the skit, went running to my house to undress and clean my face..then run towards the cementery to hear the mass...arrived late though, but managed to go there, so I'm very happy with myself, feel very proud of myself of having finished everything and been able to do everything!! Feel very happy with my Soraka costume, although it wasn't the right skin colour, but what the hell!! it's so cool!!


* As I wasn't able to stay at the con, I haven't got many photos of the costume, but I promise I will make a decent photoshoot with the rest of the League of Legends group we made and will upload it here for you to see, just be patient please.

* I leave you here a photo of my Soraka costume made by Jesus Clares Photographer, hope you like it
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Sky-Zoo Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
Des550 Featured By Owner May 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
this is unique, rare, cute and awesomely amazing! Actully first Soraka cosplay I've ever seen lol ^_^
nikasaur Featured By Owner May 23, 2013
This is great! Have you submitted it to the Summoner Showcase? [link]
Virchan Featured By Owner May 25, 2013
Thank you!! well no, I haven't, didn't know you can actually do that >.<, I'm going to try it and see what happens :D
eiphen Featured By Owner May 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is wonderful! Excellent cosplay of Soraka!
Virchan Featured By Owner May 25, 2013
Thanks a lot Cait!! :D
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:D WOW what a amazing nanner mage ^.^
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Thank you!!! :3
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your welcomes :3 *gives you moar nanners* 8D
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ohmygawd awesome x)
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